Virgo And Virgo Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

Virgo And Virgo Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

Virgo and Virgo’s friendship will always have the upper hand when it comes to finding the root cause of something or knowing what might be the reason behind each other’s behavioral changes. But the thing is not are passive when it comes to emotions. It is a vulnerable side of a Virgo hence both will be most reluctant to be the first one who opens up.
Virgos are the brain of the zodiac. And it is always a case of competency when another brain comes into the scene. It’s like being showed two latest motors for a car. You are in a dilemma about which to purchase. But for the sellers, it becomes a sort of competition. Yes. Both will also amplify the pessimism and it might become the core reason for the falling upper of the friendship.

Virgo man and Virgo Woman

It’s like the coming together of two power analyzers. Virgo man and Virgo woman will have one of the most civilized but at the same time controlled friendship one will ever see. Both will only communicate when discussing something subjective and constructed. It’s like two robots communicating with guarded emotions.
Virgo’s are the kinds to pinpoint what they see as a flaw. But more so with themselves. A reason why they are known as the perfect sign. But this has its flaws too. The Virgo man and woman both will eventually reach a dead-end when both will start seeing the flaws in one another.
And the fact that these flaws are something both criticize themselves for. Their lack of emotion. This will most surely break the bond. Both the Virgo’s are too insecure of the rejection and the fact that the other knew their darkest worries is more than en9ugh to trigger them to run away.

Virgo man and Virgo man

Virgo man and Virgo man friendship will have the same algorithm. Both reserved. Both old. A need to be understood but too insecure to break from their cold-blooded shell. As colleagues, partners or lovers this relationship will be too logical for it to last. Both will think the end before it starts and scare themselves off.
Virgo men will though show power solving skills. Anything given their way will never be returned involved. Why? Because the time-consuming analysis is cut to half if two brainstormed leaving no space for loopholes and complains. Both can be expected to be a little anti-Social to others and themselves as every Virgo however close needs alone time to cool off.

Virgo woman and Virgo woman

The sign with one other least emotional energy, the Virgo women will place forward a friendship that puts in the platter only intellectual exchanges, deep thoughts and keeping a professional distance. Both can be said to be prudes, and it is very unlikely for a spontaneous happening like a party night to ever happen when they are in each other’s company.
They might be the power team that everyone envied and pitied at the same time. Yes, bring intellectual is good but to always be uptight didn’t work well for both. It just ends up making one another feel stagnant and inefficient to one another.
We must also take into account the fact that it’s the coming together of also the most pessimist signs. Tragic it might be, the atmosphere around them once the negativity sweeps in, will be devastating. The Virgo women might just end up upsetting themselves to an inconsolable extend in their tries to uplift the other, as both sharing similar worries. Leave the friendship floating lost like the seaweeds in the ocean.


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