Virgo and Libra Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

Virgo and Libra Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

Virgo and Libra friendship. A coming together of two compassionate signs. It is said under Greek mythology that Virgo came from Libra, resulting in Virgos taking in a little of Libra traits such as compassion and empathy.
But it stops there. Libra and Virgo are two extremely different signs. Virgos came under the earth element bring about a more logical and grounded personality whilst a Libra, which fell under the air sign is more creative and free to positive outlets. Another important factor is how the planet Venus, which symbolized emotional energy in a person placed itself with the signs. Venus drops with Virgos but rises with Libras which affects their personalities vastly. One is a born pessimist and the other a glittering optimist. So it is rare for these two signs to click if not for their mutual compassionate traits.

Virgo man and Libra woman

Virgo man and Libra woman’s friendship will surround itself with a compassionate aura. Both understand the need for sensitivity in this world and even though the Virgo man might come off cold and indifferent in comparison to the bright and people-friendly Libra Woman, both share the same amount of care and empathy.
A Libra woman can find a Virgo man stuff and boring because of their prim and discreet nature. It may also trigger the Libra woman to think that the Virgo man might be hiding something because they did not understand the need to be secretive between friends or anybody as a matter of fact. A Virgo man might find the air sign’s not-so-well-thought spontaneous plans and ideologies a little clumsy and risky resulting in him losing interest.

Virgo woman and Libra man

A Virgo woman and a Libra man’s friendship will have no problem when it came to respect each other’s lives and ideologies even if they didn’t understood or appreciated it. Their shared ability to feel the other person’s suffering will help the friendship strengthen because not many signs can do that. The difference would come when an exchange of thought process was played forward.
A Libra man being under the air signs do not feed to negative vibes. He preferred creativity, a bright vision and a live-in-the-moment nature which was good. But it would be wrong to expect that from an earth sign, especially a Virgo. A Virgo woman due to their need for privacy will come off as a cold and a well ruled out personality. So it every so unlikely for a friendship to sprout without prejudices but a middle group can always be drawn to comfort both sides.

Virgo man and Libra Man

Virgo man and Libra man friendship will have the necessary negative input to find a positive outlet to things. Like every solution that needs to go through numerous negative solutions to find the right one. They work that way. A Natural pessimist, the Virgo man will always question the theories of the Libra man unconsciously polishing him better.
The negative side though is the fact that Libra men hate confinement, rules and neither do they care much about perfection. Because they are the air sign. They like to be their wings and not be let on by instructions, especially constant criticisms. Virgo man might do it out of their perfectionist nature but it does not sit well with Libra man. It will make him conclude the Virgo man as a stiff and boring person.

Virgo woman and Libra woman

Virgo and Libra woman friendship will have a gentle but bubbly bond. Where the Libra woman who is a friendly sign will easily take the Cold Virgo woman under her wing. Both share a certain amount of feminine energy if not entirely and that helps to connect. Yes, differences in thought process will arise. We were talking about the air and earth at the end of the day.
The grounded earth sign will find the Libra woman sometimes unnecessarily optimist and gullible nature a thing that needs to be pointed out even if it meant her looking cold and harsh. It is in the Virgo woman’s nature to only show the people she cares about their flaws so that they can be corrected and not made use of. And because a Libra woman has high intuitive skills and understanding she hears it if not take the advice just to keep the Virgo woman’s heart. It is the sense of respect that keeps this friendship alive.


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