Virgo and Aries Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

A Virgo and an Aries friendship is quite possibly the most vulnerable to an uproar or angered silent treatments. Why? Because fire elements like the Aries were too fickle-minded and spontaneous to think out their route. They rely on their instincts and adrenaline pumped moment of confidence to decide anything. A total of 360 flip to what the earth element, Virgo is like. They are practical, stable and have the habit of analyzing everything before choosing.
A Virgo and an Aries friendship will have one pro in it thought. Their need for intellectual validation or just the exchanges of ideas will help both of them grow in each other’s company.

Virgo man and Aries woman

A friendship between a Virgo man and an Aries woman will have lots of exchanges of thoughts over everything. It can be taken as both good and bad. But around the fire element, which is the Aries woman even a reserved Virgo man will be seen talking about.
Usually, a Virgo man finds it unnecessary to explain something and exert energy but because Aries Woman thinks and processes differently he is forced to explain himself. It irks a Virgo man when he is made to look stupid due to a different point of view. In an unconventionally way only an Aries woman can make a Virgo man realize that not everyone will have the same opinion. And it should be okay.

Virgo woman and Aries Man

Virgo woman and an Aries man’s friendship will have a simulative exchange of thought process of not agreeable ones. This friendship is quite an oddball comparing to the others. Not because they are different but because they are extreme opposites. Traits that one hates most, the other has it in abundance and is adamant to not change it.
To a perfectionist and task organizing Virgo woman, it is intolerable to be messy, too laid back and have no plans. Ironically, an area man takes pride in these exact qualities that he harbors. For an Aries man, it’s either do it now or to never do it. A feel is more important than rational decisions. Their ideologies differed too much to mention the compatibility.

Virgo man and Aries man

Virgo man and Aries man’s friendship will surely have a good about of rivalry to win the argument. It is only natural. Both were stubborn and shared masculine energy, hyping them up for debate and exchanges of words way too literally. They need to understand that not all can be as grounded as a Virgo man and not all can be as spontaneous and bold like an Aries man.
The earth in Virgo man will take his Aries counterpart’s tactics one of the most abused and spontaneous ones but at the same time envy the confidence he had for something which was a sudden plan and attack. An Aries man will most likely fond the Virgo man’s tactics old fashion and not so flexible, sticking too much to the save side for his comfort. But at the same time, the stability of the mind that a Virgo man has will make the Aries man think that all his tactics are well thought off, resulting in him investing more to his arguments.

Virgo woman and Aries Woman

Virgo woman and Aries woman friendship, with Aries woman’s harboring more female energy, will result in a more communicative bond. It doesn’t necessarily mean both points are understood but the fact that it is never a dead or quiet bond. Both in their way will place their points and argue until a middle point is to meet or if one of them won.
This bond might look bad but like how criticisms work better than compliments, here too, a Virgo woman and an Aries woman’s distinct opinions will keep each other on their toes for any argument. Even make the Virgo woman open up a little from their shell, how it is viewed is entirely up to the perceivers


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