Leo And Virgo Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

Leo And Virgo Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

Leo and Virgo friendship is unlikely to flourish. Their differences in thought processing and situation handling can become one of the major reasons why it could fall apart. But not every relationship is the same, couples like the Leo and Virgo can make their differences their relationship’s strength. Just like when two different seas come together to build something ethereal.
Mutual respect, understanding and giving in to one another’s choices even if you don’t agree to it entirely is the key to working this rainbow and thunder relationship.

Leo and Virgo FRIENDSHIP

Leo man and Virgo woman

A Leo man and a Virgo woman friendship. The fire and the earth sign. This relationship could work out only when both signs learn to tolerate each other. A Leo can be the best guide for an anxious Virgo, teaching her that confidence is the key for everything but like every pro has a con a Leo man’s confidence and the lion of the jungle aura can be a major turn off for the down-to-earth Virgo. In this Leo man and Virgo woman relationship, Leo’s personality could give off too much arrogance and domination that would make a female withdraw.
The wisest thing to do if you are in a relationship with a Leo man or a Virgo woman is to learn more about them and find a middle group. The fact that the fire element resides on the male side of the relationship would mean more efforts has to be shown from the Earth element. But don’t be disheartened. Because even a blazing fire needs a solid ground.

Leo woman and Virgo man

A Leo woman and a Virgo man quite frankly would be the rarest combination that could last because the fire lies on the female side now and the earth element on the male’s side of the relationship. It most probably made taking the passenger’s seat and the woman driving. Not because she is dominant but because she is more driven and that consciously hampers the Virgo man’s ego.
The Leo woman and the Virgo man have to understand that both need to tone done on their dominant traits. The Leo woman has to learn to sometimes step back and walk along with her partner. Boost his confidence rather than her always being in the limelight. The Virgo man, on the other hand, has to step up his game. Not because he is incompetent but because a Leo woman loves their limelight and the fact that they didn’t take it is because she wants you to take it. Show the results to their efforts.

It could only work if the Virgo man gets over their insecurities and try to lead. A Leo woman might look like they are full of surety and confidence but they too sometimes crave to be cared for and lead by somebody sometimes when they are low and unsure. They too are women.

Leo woman and Virgo woman

Leo woman and Virgo woman can have a comfortable relationship only if they understand the need to let it go sometimes. Both being females a sense of justifying comes up. Leo woman because of their anger issues can come off rude often and the Virgo partner must let it slide and understand that most words uttered during a heated argument are out of anger. A heat of the moment blabber.
The Virgo woman’s need for assurance and trust issues is to be prioritized by the Leo woman because they take time to open up and even though they might click on an intellectual level, they differ on their approaching to life, their philosophies. The Virgo woman needs a partner who can understand her without the need to always explain herself. So try understanding her pattern. A Virgo woman always leaves clues for the partner to solve. It’s complicated to explain but it’s their way of opening up to you. Pay attention.

Leo man and Virgo man

Filled with testosterone this relationship might face hurdles because of their none existing communication. A man’s mind works differently. They rather solve it themselves than ask for help. So most probably a Leo man and a Virgo man will have communication problems. Their signs also play a big role in it as a frustrated Leo man might say harsh statements in reciprocation to the Virgo’s cold shoulder and end up bruising each other’s ego.
A Leo man and a Virgo man have one saving point. Which is a strong one only if they know how to wield it well. Leo men are powerful motivators. The best thing a Virgo can get in a partner because they suffer from too much self-criticism. The Leo will make the Virgo man take more adventurous steps just like the fire element they are and in return, the Loyal Virgo man will use their ability to understand other’s feelings to be there when the Leo is too hard on themselves. Because the lion of the jungle catches a cold too and needs care and love.


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