Leo And Pieces Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

Leo And Pieces Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

Leo and Pieces’ friendship, realistically speak can be a rough mountain to climb. Leo is outspoken, passionate and active in placing their actions and thoughts. Earning it from the fire element it falls under. Whereas, Pieces which falls under the Water element are a lot calmer and reserved. They would rather be the pacifier than the revolver. They are more passive and easy-going and prefer to stay in a comfortable silence rather than placing themselves in awkward bankers and reciprocation.
A Leo and Pieces friendship can only survive each other’s odd personalities if both tried to understand where the other comes from. A Leo can come off as insensitive and too harsh with their word of advice which was never really asked for. What might make the Pieces lose their faith in Leo is when they feel they are not understood and can’t see the efforts to understand or figure it out.

Leo man and Pieces woman

A Leo man and a Pieces woman’s friendship will have the male dominating and naturally controlling everything. Sometimes against the Pieces will which must always be paid attention to because it might come off as rude, insensitive and self-centered. A Pieces woman has a pacifier’s attitude which means why will agree to something just to not lengthen the difference in point of view.
Pieces of woman will display patience and give the Leo man time to understand that every human is not molded the same way. Their submissiveness is not their weakness. It is a Water element’s way of cooling the fire as fast as possible. But the reason it doesn’t work out usually is that the fire element loses interest in the Pieces Woman. It is not because Pieces woman is boring but because Leo man has different virtues and one being their passion to fight for what they believe in.

Leo woman and Pieces Man

A Leo woman and a Pieces man’s friendship will have the scale which is heavier on one and lighter on the other. Yes. Both share passionate personalities but their romance and show of affection differed. Whilst a Leo woman showed her passionate motivating side to friends and especially their lovers, becoming a little possessive and dominating a Pieces Man likes to give everyone around his space and the time to speak their mind because he is in no hurry to place his.
A Leo woman will most likely tell the Pieces man his flaws and shortcomings in hopes to help him overcome it. A Leo woman believes to understand our flaws first before searching for an answer. This might help the Pieces man break out of his mold and learn to try different viewpoints of life or it might to terrible bad and hurt his ego to the point that trust cannot be regained.

Leo man and Pieces man

A Leo man will most probably that the Alpha male position right after entering the room. The Pieces man would most probably want it but is in no hurry to get it. A total difference in mindset as we see here. These positions will make the Leo man think that the Pieces man isn’t driven or passionate enough to fight for the position. The Pieces will most likely not care of anything but discomfort and steady speed. He would rather earn it will show progress rather than indulging in a lion’s fight.
A Leo man and a Pieces man can come off strange to each other. Especially for the Leo counterpart. He can’t help but wonder if Pieces man had ambitions and goals. Which a Pieces man does. But just not as publicly and obsessed manner. Winning is important. But being comfortable with the method and time is more important.

Leo woman and Pieces woman

A Leo woman and a Pieces woman can build a strong bond of trust and loyalty towards each other. One finds the other odd and too passive for their liking and the other does not believe in justifying for anything to anyone. They are content if they feel that what they are doing or acting up is right. No further approval is needed. So the biggest obstacle in this friendship will be communication.
The Leo woman might come out about the doubts, differences and the working feeling they got about the Pieces Woman’s excessive passiveness and this would do more bad than good. A Pieces woman believes and likes to be understood without the need of explaining too much. So most probably these outburst of statements will make her more shell proved and quiet. She will take it as an insult. Contemplate her authenticity and worth against the confident Leo Woman’s eventually finding it better to leave than stay in a situation she isn’t comfortable in.


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