Leo And Leo Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

Leo And Leo Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

Leo and Leo’s dynamics are either firecrackers together or war every single moment. There is no in-between but only two extreme results. A perfect sun and sun sign collaboration. So either one tries to dominate the other or in a different but similar scenario but stick to their points and let the war continue. A relation between two Leos also can be an outcome of both analyzing each other and coming to a conclusion unconsciously who would lead.
Both the fire signs are sure to have their moments of anger. And it’s always going to be a part of their relationship. But we must also remember that both hold the Leo sign’s passionate aura and loyal endeavor which will help both forget and forgive right after the ugly argument. Not only that they might realize it but signs of dependence can also be seen between the two, and it will be hard to break this bond because loyalty had tied them down.

Leo man and Leo woman

Arguments. Heated debates. Dominance. Ego and Stubbornness. The reason why the Leo man and Leo woman are usually the long race runners because they are one of the most difficult pairings and the fact that they are adjusting after sharing all these narcissistic traits amazed them more than others. The Leo man and Leo woman share a sense of pride and understanding that no other can understand that no others can produce.
The Leo woman like every woman hides her weaknesses well and it isn’t in her nature to come forward about it but with a Leo man, it is possible to not share much and already be understood. This is what makes the Leo woman get attracted to the Leo man. This action feeds the Leo man ego. Consciously and subconsciously.
This relationship has very less feminine energy but the only reason the Leo woman might cool down a little faster because the little amount resides in her. This act won’t go unnoticed. The Leo man will acknowledge it and at times show his gentler, more vulnerable sides to the Leo woman. This is why this passionate bond builds fast and furiously.

Leo man and Leo man

Leo man and Leo man make a terrifying combination where both want to lead and not be lead one. They might be talking about the same thing, in the same way, but still, argue because he thinks it is his idea and it should be him only who should reap all the compliments. This might not sit well with the other Leo man. Mostly the war of words will continue till the lives end and still, there would be topics and debates that still needs arguing to do.
A Leo and a Leo man though are both passionate and loyal so it could happen that, if they know each other long enough then they might not bend, Never! But be generous enough to not oppose it either. It is also common for the Leo man to reconcile after their ego has been redeemed. But once a good opinion is lost both the Leo men would not have it in them to ever look at each other let alone talk and solve it out.

Leo woman and Leo woman

Leo woman and Leo woman have a strong, extremely strong aura around people and each other which could end up bad for some and extremely lucky for some other. Their driven nature and brutal honestly if clicked will make the party reach its most hilarious moments. Most likely to be everyone’s favorite people and also the most powerful one.
It is only natural that a positive has a negative reaction. If they, unfortunately, didn’t click together, a world war 3 in happening will play before everyone. Leaders of different power gangs or leader individuals against each other. Spitting words like fire and oozing confidence that could burn the entire area bit them. Because they are both made of fire.
Hence, two Leo women with or against each other are both a devastating affair as they will either be the power duo or the power arch enemy. Intimidating anyone that comes by it.


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