Leo And Gemini Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

Leo And Gemini Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

One is the energy and the aura the other the intellect and communicator. It is on middle grounds when it comes to compatibility and neutralizing each other’s energy. Not only are do they work differently but also think differently. The Leo is blunt, impulsive, bold, and a born leader whilst the Gemini is the communicator, the analyzer and the mind player.
The only possible thing they share is their quick wit and sharp tongue. Both use it in the heat of the moment but whilst the fire sign didn’t mean it and usually forgets about it the air sign usually means it all and doesn’t take back anything. Which is sure to irk the Leo individual. But surprisingly they do also entertain each other with the Leo talking like the social butterfly it is and the Gemini quietly analyzing everything. Mind stimulation is their favorite thing and they would be all too willing to take the job rather than talk, not that they can’t but they just don’t prefer to.

Leo man and Gemini Woman

Leo man and Gemini woman will most lightly be attracted to each other’s confidence and humor. One will be too happy to take the spotlight and talk about his tales and the other will take the horizontal position and let her brain do all the analyzing it needs to do. But it’s isn’t likely for a Gemini girl to feed fake compliment to boost his ego. A Leo man’s warm charm and affection will sway the Gemini woman’s heart. And the twin sign will naturally attract the king of the zodiac by its genuine childish behavior and witty comebacks.
In this Leo man and Gemini woman relationship, there will be lots of surprise elements, new learned emotions, and charms. Some days the Gemini woman becomes a child and turns the Leo man into one too. The other days we see them exchanging an interesting banter. It’s not always sure how but they seem to always have fun.

Leo woman and Gemini man

Leo woman and Gemini man will always have a tricky bond when one is trying to figure one out and one acts like he has been figured out, when in fact he isn’t. A Leo woman loves being the one who reads and predicts somebody and everybody around her but because she can’t do that with the Gemini man she builds up frustration and irritation.
A Gemini man rarely will open up because he himself isn’t sure what he feels and when he sees how sure and curtain the Leo is it might ignite insecurities even if he doesn’t admit it. The Leo woman should take into account that Gemini men are playful. And rushing or forcing them to be something they aren’t will not do them any good. It would be a sign for the Intuitive Gemini man to move back and away before he is taken out of his comfort zone. And Gemini men love their comfort zone.

Leo man and Gemini Man

Leo man and Gemini man are alpha males in their own field. Whilst in a show a Leo man loves all the attention and status, Gemini man too will not back out from any challenge the only difference being they do not like to show on the outside. They would rather keep it cool or make it seem like they are keeping it cool just to annoy the hot-headed Leo man.
The Twin sign is extremely sarcastic and mischievous. They know 500 possible ways to wins against a Leo but choose to lose in a way that irks the Leo man’s ego the most. The lion in anger has to choice but to be more aggressive than before because they run by bold impulse and can’t possibly come up with a plan as bulletproof as the Gemini man. The bond they share will either be mentally stimulating or mind-boggling.

Leo woman and Gemini woman

One good with hot-headed comebacks and the other a skilled assassin reciprocator. It’s like a war at a stall. But even in the war, they play with good sport and always end up learning something new in the process. If extremely close the Leo woman can teach the Gemini woman leadership qualities and in exchange, the intellectual Gemini woman will show all the possible ways she had miss to reach a goal easier and faster.
The fire and air element might go in their own ways usually but when they come together it only helps strengthen the fire and show its true potential. The Gemini woman will play that part where even though all the credit goes to her but the show will be taken forward by the entertainer, Leo woman. The reason this would work is because both do not mind their placement. A Leo woman like the audience’s attention and a Gemini woman is satisfied by his mind acknowledging his actions.


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