Leo And Cancer Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

Leo And Cancer Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

The independent lion and the wild crab. A combination to behold. The Leo and cancer friendship will consist of trust, respect, wild adventures and having each other’s back covered for all the rough moments of their life. Being the fire and the water sign the Leo and cancer friendship will be like the unexpected stream resulting from sudden water and fire collision. The wild waves and the roaring fires have one thing in common. Their love for freedom. Both as friends will be each other’s ultimate travel partner, night snack consumers, and random booze buddies. Making them one of the most compatible zodiacs as buddies and also the most lasting ones.

Leo man and Cancer woman

The friendship between a Leo man and a cancer woman would be quite the perfect combination if you ever wanted to go on a crazy spree. Wild at heart these two can turn from Rock stars to traveling vagabonds in split second. Their random spark of spontaneous nature in both is what keeps them together.
A Leo man as a friend will at times come off as a little too dominating for others but for his Cancer lady friend, it isn’t as offensive. Why? Because Cancers are known for their argument escapist nature. They are too caring to confront and hurt somebody and as his male friend, the Leo will quite instinctively spread his protective arm out without making the situation awkward. He will become the bubble cancer woman’s protective friend.
Here the Cancer woman will be seen as the more verbal one and the Leo man as the usual listener. Making a seasoned bond of the speaker and listener but the role is flexible. When the Leo man is down a cancer woman will use her ways of stress relief to comfort him. Most probably food!

Leo woman and Cancer woman

The blabbering buddies. Being the same gender gives Leo and cancer women more benefits. The barrier of gender difference is not present in this friendship hence the bond of sisterhood is tighter. They would be the girlies who share everything. From clothes, food to wild adventures. Because both have a wild streak in them, judging each other on prudence isn’t there. They are each other’s motivators, wrong influence, and strict guardian.
There will be moments when the childlike cancer woman will fight for the Leo friend and other moments when the blunt Leo woman will tone down her anger just because her bestie told her so. Loyalty is a must mention in this friendship. Yes, they are different but the little similarities are more than enough to win each other’s trust. They will never backbite on each other.
More like the ones who would lie to save the other. The duo will the under the troublemaker’s lot for sure but not on other people’s expense. Most probably will be in their own world planning some wild adventures and future dreams.

Cancer man and Leo woman

Cancer man would most probably be the designated driver even if the Leo woman never asked him too. Why? Because he knows that his Leo friend is too hard-headed to ask for help if she got drunk and too stubborn to call it quits. He will play the understanding one in the friendship. When the Leo woman will have her usually anger issues it is most likely that the cancer man will jump in with an ice bucket. Like the water element, he is. But it’s not always the Cancer man taking care of the Prideful Leo friend.
When the cancer man will have a hard time handling emotional situations his confidant will be his Leo lady friend. And also when the Leo woman will stand up for the cancer man’s rights and take his place without a second thought.
This balances the zodiac equation of this friendship. The Leo might not show often but her protective instincts will come through on particular occasions. Her feminine side will also show him with occasional compliments for always sticking close and baring her anger tantrums.

Cancer woman and cancer woman

The flower garden. The hopeless romantics. The giggling lot. The rainbow showers. Full of color will be in this friendship. And hardly any arguments would ever surface both being extremely friendly and the peacemakers. Matching dresses, shopping days, boy gossips and all the cliché moments of a chick flick movie.
There wouldn’t be a day that would go without one being complimented. Because that’s the way they are! Supportive, caring and the ones who are always there. For the days when one is low, it shouldn’t be a surprise if the other came in with a horror movie, some popcorn and offers a shoulder to cry on. A childlike friendship which is rare to witness nowadays can be seen in them. Which is a breath of fresh air!
Some might find it annoying and fake. The bubbliness and extra caring for each other but it’s just the way they were manufactured and it’s the way they should always be because every relationship is different. It doesn’t have to follow the norm.


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