Leo And Aquarius Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

Leo And Aquarius Friendship: Everything about their Friendship Compatability

Leo and Aquarius hold a beautiful mixture of fire and water and if wield properly it could last as long at the time. Their strong personalities which is much expected to collide does the opposite. It keeps them on their toes. Drives the other forward and if needed give a taste of their medicines. The Leo sign has innate leadership qualities that might intimate the other lot but not an Aquarius who is born if not with leadership skills but with an excellent analyzing ability that gets to the root of everything.
Leo is achievers by sheer guts and their let’s do it personality and Aquarius, on the other hand, are achievers with an in-depth analyzing and reasoning ability. Both run different shows. Are achievers and stubborn. Leo, unlike their fire exterior, is a passionate sign. When felt loved will also take the extra step to shower in ten times the love receiver. An Aquarius, on the other hand, are secretive with their feelings and show of affections. Because they keep away from it they are seen as one of the coldest zodiacs. The fire could help melt it down a little.

Leo man and Aquarius Woman

In a Leo man and Aquarius man duo, it will be often seen that it is the Leo man who is more social and passionate. The leader of the zodiac will try its best to see the goof in the cold Aquarius woman until and unless a reciprocation has come. As friends or a couple of Leos are known for their accepting nature. The Aquarius, on the other hand, has a mind of their own. They mingle when they want to and leave when they please. Like the ocean water, it doesn’t sway with the others but on its own.
The Aquarius woman needs to understand that not responding to a Leo man’s efforts is almost like ignoring him. Had might try for a while but it is human nature to quit eventually. The Leo man needs to understand that everyone is molded differently. And anything different from them isn’t any less interesting or fun. Finding a common ground of interest is the best thing that can be gone to strengthen the bond.

Leo woman and Aquarius Man

A Leo woman and an Aquarius man have a mixture of feminine end muscular energy present in the relationship making the bond easy but complicated. The Leo woman has a strong independent aura with the need to win and lead but consisting in her is the feminine energy which might crave for attention and love however she denied it. The Aquarius man is naturally a very rational and closed of being and because residing in him is the masculine energy he might something go extremely cold and off on the Leo woman.
The best thing the Leo woman and the Aquarius man can do is to tone down and to open up. It is the only way the water and fire can live peacefully. Taking into account their different way of approaching problems, one will rub off the other creating a good influence. The Leo woman will teach him to be bold and the Aquarius woman will teach him to be rational in her thoughts.

Leo man and Aquarius man

Leo man is dominating, a born leader and a social body. He knows how to do it and when to do it. It is only that his personality could rub off as extremely overpowering and overbearing. An Aquarius man, on the other hand, is rational, analytical and reserved. Giving them time to rationally analyze ever expects and take the best out of it. These major traits can be helpful if they traded some to the other.
The Leo man would not be as reckless and free-spirited with his choices even though it’s most likely to succeed and the Aquarius man will be more free-spirited and not be too rigid in his ways and understandings. The Leo man leads efficiently without taking into much that could end up in overthinking. This will be useful for the cautious Aquarius man even if he does not like it either.

Leo Woman and Aquarius woman

Being taught and helped is not something a Leo and Aquarius women love, because they like to flow in their rhythm but the Aquarius woman must open up to ideas and suggestions. And only a Leo woman can do that without offending the Aquarius Woman too much. Being females both feel the need for understanding and respect and it can only be achieved if the other also give it.
The Leo woman is a passionate individual that strives for the best and gives it their all. Same with affection. They give in abundance. The only problem being that the flow of affection will eventually dry up if there is less reciprocation. Aquarius woman area little more expressive than Aquarius man but it might still not be enough. Sometimes an extra step needs to be taken for the sake of friendship and building the bond.


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