Cancer and Libra friendship: Differences and Compatabilities

Cancer and Libra Friendship will always have skepticism flowing through the whole time. To put it in simple words, they aren’t that different to spark the opposite attraction theory. A Cancer loves emotional connection, low-key live and activities with a friend or partner that can always help him out when they are unsure and need assurance and advice.

Libra, on the other hand, are compassionate but aren’t quite introverted enough to click with cancer’s homebody personality. On several occasions, a Libra will be seen lifting the mood of the people around with their friendly personality. Being the air sign, a Libra will show a need for free expression of emotions and intimacy. It is only by a physical connection, can a Libra say truly feel the emotion that a Cancer expected.

Cancer man and Libra woman

Cancer man and Libra woman friendship will most probably be formed from prior connections because it is very unlikely for a Libra woman to find a Cancer man appealing enough to start a conversation. The air element in them gets bored with anything that is not as free in personality or comparatively as excepting to changes and social interactions.

Libra woman has a childish tendency of wanting attention and being a people pleaser. Being the scale, it comes naturally to them to keep things balanced. Romantically, this could turn off a Cancer man who would rather stay at home than to attend events to maintain a public face.

Cancer woman and Libra man

Cancer woman and Libra man will most probably build a friendship which will seem like an extremely odd pairing. A Cancer woman shows traits of a more grounded harmony and closeness. Anything more than that, too early in a friendship can be found offensive to their low-key personality. Same goes for a Libra man. It would bore him mindless if the playful teases and a sense of intimacy are missing.

Venus is the ruling planet for the Libra man. It means that they are sensitive and emotional being, who feel things deeper than the other signs. The cancer woman, on the other hand, has a moon around them and even though it is close to what a Venus signified it isn’t as prominent.. Meaning a Libra man’s can easily make a Cancer woman feel as if they have gotten themselves in a situation that could no longer be handled.

Cancer man and Libra man

Cancer man and Libra man’s friendship won’t face as much difficulty as the others. Both being male, it is easier to take things in a casual sense for them. Competitively, they will pose each other a friendly thread. It can be expected though, for both men that they don’t find it easy to mingle with one another as easily as they do with their close ones.

For a Libra man, communication comes easy. He might also be the one initiating the conversation with the Cancer man to keep the environment lively and friendly. But it is different for the cancer man. Because anything too staged can make him feel uneasy. It is most likely that this bond cannot possibly go beyond the closeness of an acquaintance or a friendly chit chat.

Cancer woman and Libra woman

Being women, cancer and Libra ladies will try to adjust if not understand where the other stands as a personality. It could be a  coming together of a compromised friendship, where for the sake of the bond both will exert themselves to meet the other’s expectation which could be toxic at the end of the day.

A cancer woman will probably try their best in silence but it is almost impossible for these two signs to mingle without feeling out of place and awkward.


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