Cancer and Gemini friendship: Differences and Compatabilities

Cancer and Gemini friendship will have a brain and a heart. Sounds fine until things become deeper and one finds out the other as totally different and incoherent to their logical understanding. Being a heart and a mind is usually a good thing until they realize that for a bond to work there are more things to be taken into account.

Gemini, the mercury ruled sign will be intellectually invested for anything but only when the conversation does not confine them in any manner. The rising moon on cancer makes them extremely invested in the emotional bond. It means sharing things and not having boundaries in between. Not letting ego come in the way of anything that could ruin the chances of the friendship surviving.

Cancer man and Gemini woman Friendship

Cancer man and Gemini woman’s friendship will easily find a comfortable zone if the Cancer man nurtured the Gemini woman with their usually affectionate and welcoming nature. To a Gemini woman, it is a good enough sigh to start their communicative skills on practice and let the mischievous twin come into play.

Until and unless a boundary isn’t crossed from both side a mutual understanding will exist. For the cancer man being too discreet and hesitant to talk about their feelings can come as hiding something and for a Gemini woman, it is a major turn off when they are expected to do this or do that. For them, it was either I do it out of their free will or don’t do it because it wasn’t out of their free will. There was no rule setting with them.

Cancer woman and Gemini man Friendship

Cancer woman and Gemini man will share a friendship which is either stable and trusting or doubtful and fake. Both sense fake aura easily, and even though both might try to initiate a conversation, once a negative trait is sensed, both are ready to back out.

A Gemini man being the gossip king will try and find common ground but at the end, with the day it’s the need for a comfortable free space to think and act and the need for genuineness that will have to work to provide balance in this bond. Because however interesting both might find each other, enclosure and a sense of falsehood is more than enough for both to call it quits.

Cancer man and Gemini man Friendship

Cancer and Gemini men might not be the best pairing but a Gemini man’s ability to converse and a Cancer man’s ability to tone down any situation into a cool and friendly environment will work to their advantage.

For them, it is more like facing the differences at the beginning and finding or getting used to it rather than finding the differences later. A Gemini man will always give a playful side. A mischievous side that will surface and need all the attention and freedom it sees. It is a Cancer man’s to build the connection and be the nurturing sign that it is because even if they don’t say it, Gemini man needs assurance and affection.

Cancer woman and Gemini woman Friendship

Cancer woman and Gemini woman will form a friendship which will not conflict with each other. A Cancer woman can expect loyalty and openness but not entirely while on the other hand, a Gemini woman should not feel as threatened as it does by a Cancer woman’s need for no blind spots.

Their differences don’t threaten to overlap each other but rather co-exist if comfortable with each other. This comes naturally if both have lived around each other long enough to understand their different pattern and adjust a little.


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