CANCER and CANCER Friendship: What works and what NOT?

One of the most emotionally connected sign, the Cancer. By coming together of two Cancers and formation of cancer and cancer friendship, it is divine emotional understanding that will be attained. It is funny how their natural traits as a Cancer can be the reason to help kindle their bond or help break it. A Cancer and Cancer friendship will always have the opens about affection, jolly part-of-the-family element.

cancer and cancer friendship compatability

Cancers though can come off as submissive individuals. Not wanting to contradict and always being on peace ground. This could spark an issue if a decision needs to be made. Both harboring similar traits will opt to agree with the other’s idea rather than producing one of their own. This could end up in both being disappointed and less impressed by each other indecisiveness. It could end up in being the reason the friendship doesn’t work out. Because both the Cancers want somebody who could help with their indecisiveness, not confuse them more than they really are.

Cancer man and Cancer woman

The lover sign. The Giver. The first initiator. A Cancer man and a Cancer woman’s friendship will have the happy dose everyone is much too glad to have around. Not only will they lift up the mood with their friendly and talkative nature, but they will also never feel the need to argue over things. Because both the male and the female Cancerians are more than happy to glow along to anything the other preferred.
A Cancer man and a Cancer woman will exchange feminine and muscular energy, which means that the assertiveness which is much needed in every duo will more or less be present if not as prominently as the other assertive signs. This was a good indicator that the friendship will last long and without any kind of bitterness in it.

Cancer man and Cancer man

The two Cancerian men will share a sense of need. Need for purpose in life and in love. We must remember that these Cancerian men are profound lovers and live a happy life meant to find true love and true purpose. Their positive nature will help motivate each other in striking more efficiently towards their goals.

Their submissive nature or need to make other happy policy is the core reason for their downfall in leading or completing something.This coming together can give a chance to a slowly stabilizing growth in their personalities by seeing their deficiencies in each other and actually working on it. Both men will not learn how to place in good criticisms that need to be changed. There can however hardly, or might I correct, never sprout a romantic relationship. Why? Because it will be like an automobile with two passengers to kind to lead the other.

Cancer woman and Cancer Woman

Rainbows, music lovers, shopping sprees when you feel low. The Cancer ladies are good to go. The Cancer ladies live in the moment and focus on the moment rather than dwelling about the past or worrying about the future which is the best trait if you want to lose off some steam accumulated from work, love life, etc. What might be at shorthand is if one needed deep and decision-making advice.

The Cancer women will be too confused themselves to actually help the other understand their problems and help solve it.Cancer women will, however, show absolute loyalty towards each other. Ready and good to go whenever you need them to and this could be the possible reason why the bond will stay ever strong and long-lasting.



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