CANCER AND ARIES Friendship: Compatabilities & Differences Explained

A Cancer and Aries friendship will have lots of difficulty in understanding each other’s thought process. Whilst Aries is thought of as a little cold and distant being, they are in actuality, as passionate and understanding as any other sign. A Cancer, on the other hand, is affectionate and friendly towards everyone. It is actually their need for emotional understanding where the other might come short.

cancer and aries friendship

Cancer and an Aries friendship have different criteria. Aries believe in trial and error on everything. Because trying was always better than sitting idle and waiting for it to work itself. Sometimes this trying can come off as thoughtless and beastly for the Cancerian’s liking. A Cancerian believes in free flow easy bond, the one in which emotions, intimacy, and trust come naturally and not artificially.

Cancer man and Aries woman

Cancer man and Aries woman’s friendship will hold a roller coaster ground. One that could easily shatter or mold itself into something unimaginable. The difference too great. The Cancer man can misunderstand an Aries woman’s bold advances and actions whether at the workplace or as a love interest.

Aries woman is a lady driven with their own policy of using all their energy in anything they did. But this entire energy can come off too strong for the Cancer man. The Cancer man can also fit it displeasing if they feel imposed and controlled. Yes, it is a greatly admired trait but not when practiced on them.

Cancer woman and Aries man

Cancer woman and Aries man’s friendship needs a lot of molding to succeed in the differences and shortcomings of each other. With the muscular energy more towards the Aries man side, his innate rough behavior will sprout tiny wings. This could be bad news for the Cancer woman’s submissive side.

A Cancer woman might feel forced and not understand where the Aries man stands. Especially if it involves physical involvement. Both are in a search for love but also process in different ways to find it. Cancer woman approach naturally whilst for an Aries man, it is about discovering and trying it until it felt real. This could make a Cancer woman feel like she is in a scripted experiment rather than in a friendly relationship.

Cancer man and Aries man

Cancer man and Aries Man will have a stable friendship. Their different views will work well when in a work environment. Aries men are focused on using their energy right. A laid-back Cancer man can help him tone down their energy and chill a little more.

Cancer and Aries man are most likely to have difficulty in finding a firm ground for trust and consistency as both of them perceive things differently. For one, it is earned by natural flow and for the other, it is earned or build upon. Aries men find it difficult to open up like their Cancer man counterpart, making them the prime suspect of indifference and being misunderstood.

Cancer woman and Aries Woman

Cancer woman and Aries woman friendship require lots of understanding and patience. They are equally compassionate and loving like the others and it is only by the Cancer woman’s initial extra effort that this friendship can last.

Cancer and Aries woman once bonded will share enough understanding about each other and will adjust accordingly. Cancer woman’s initial efforts will win the Cancer woman’s trust and on the other hand, will receive the needed encouragement to be a bit more bold about their views and thoughts.


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